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Why do rhinos matter

In the best case, NFT collections will tell you a fictional story and maybe develop it. But our story is completely real and its characters are living on this planet next to us and we have already started development in line with the goals of this real story.

Why is it important to help endangered animals?

The extinction of one species of living things alone in this ecosystem may not seem like an important issue, we do not insist on this issue either. But the dangerous thing that is happening is not the extinction of a specific species, but this kind of stereotyped thinking that creates many problems. If we look at the issue of extinction of living things with the same view that (the loss of one species alone does not destroy the ecosystem), we will not lose just one species. What will happen is that we will not understand the importance of the issue and we will face successive extinctions of species.

An ecosystem may remain standing by removing only one of its components, but with this type of view, the number of these components will increase and the ecosystem will lose its productivity one after another. This will cause the ecosystem to reach a limit of lack of constituent members, which will suddenly be completely destroyed.

 As this can happen in a small ecosystem like a forest or a national park, it can also happen on a large scale. If we only lose one of the most important areas in terms of biodiversity on the planet, we may not feel its importance in the composition of the climate of the entire planet. But with the loss of more of these areas, we will suddenly face major environmental crises. Forests, meadows, oceans, wetlands, plains, poles, tropics, airy and many other small and large ecosystems are the factors that make up the overall condition of our planet.

We also live as one of the millions of living things on the planet in this big ecosystem. Contrary to our default mentality, we do not live a life apart from other living beings. Much more than what is thought, our life, survival and health of our body and mind depend on the ecosystem that governs our planet.

With this view, we are responsible for the lives of all living beings that live near or far away from us, because today we know that their life and health are equal to our own life and health.

Why rhinos?

Our help is not limited to rhinos.
But why have we chosen rhinos to show in our collection?
Because the areas where this endangered animal feeds and lives is a very suitable environment for different species of animals that other animals of the ecosystem also choose those areas to live. Wherever there are rhinos, there is definitely a dynamic ecosystem going on. So helping the rhinos is just like helping all the animals that live in that ecosystem.

Rhinos have been around for millions of years and play a crucial role in their ecosystem. They’re important grazers, consuming large amounts of vegetation, which helps shape the African landscape. This benefits other animals and keeps a healthy balance within the ecosystem.

Local people also depend on the natural resources within rhino habitat for food, fuel and income. As one of Africa’s ‘big five’, rhinos are a popular sight for tourists. Ecotourism can be an important source of income for local people.

By helping protect rhinos, we’re helping to conserve their habitat for the benefit of people and wildlife, helping support local communities and making sure natural resources are available for generations to come.

In fact, the rhinos in our project are a representative of the entire ecosystem in which they live. The main goal is to help the entire ecosystem.

Rhino is Ecoseystem.png

Our ongoing projects to start

Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 5.39.32 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 5.38.45 PM.png

1 / Drought mitigation projects

One of our projects is supplying water to the Nakuru National Park in Africa to save the region from drought, the animals of this national park do not have enough fresh and healthy water to drink. This is the biggest crisis of Nakuru, which has created the danger of extinction for many species of animals in the ecosystem.
Black rhinos, which are an important species among rhinos and are considered to be native species of Nakuru, have been severely affected by this problem. But this problem is not only related to rhinos. Lions, giraffes, baboons and many other species suffer from this problem and there is a risk of extinction for them as well.
The water supply project to Nakuru will save many animals from significant risks and we have taken action for this issue.

2 / Removal of dangerous plants

Another project that helps this ecosystem is the removal of poisonous and dangerous plants from pastures. After the issue of water, the problem of food must be solved. This work is for all the herbivorous animals of the courtyard area in addition to the rhinos. We use sufficient forces to remove these poisonous plants from pastures and solve this problem.

3 / Cleaning water ponds

Our other project is the cleaning of natural reservoirs that hold rainwater and mainly animals drink from them. These catchments are a natural process that helps to get out of dehydration, but the accumulation of rainwater for a long time and not cleaning it leads to many diseases, which is one of the prominent problems of Nakuru region. We will use the available forces to clean the reservoirs and solve this problem.

4 / Upcoming projects

Our projects will not be limited to these, and we also have plans to prevent illegal hunting and help the protective ranger teams. Since Nakuru is a protected national park, the issue of illegal hunting has been controlled to a good extent, and the most important problems of Nakuru ecosystem are related to the previous 3 projects.

Also, another project that we will deal with in the future is the prevention of seasonal fires that originate from the surrounding agricultural lands at the end of each farming season. Controlling this matter is very important and vital.

5 / Beyond Nakuru

We will go the extra mile to go to other rhino habitats to take next steps to identify problems in other ecosystems. This issue depends on the development of the collection and the significant sale of works of art. You can see other habitats of rhinos in the map below.

Rhinos Ecosystem.png

We love rhino and look after them at every stage of their struggle.

We help protect all five rhino species, with an emphasis on the three Critically Endangered species: Black, Sumatran and Javan rhinos.

Buying from the collection (Savior Rhinos) will have two parallel aspects:
1- Your investment for yourself. (It can be defined as a short-term investment)
2- Your help to the ecosystems that are still possible to save. (which can be interpreted as a long-term investment in the health of the environment we live in and benefit from)

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