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  • 07.2022 Start cooperation with NewVerse. ✅
    As an independent team, we started our cooperation with New Verse and gained this privilege that we can benefit from the ability of their large sales team in introducing and promoting our collection. The design of NFTs was started by Bodi. ✅
  • 08.2022 Travel to Africa for field research. ✅
    We traveled to Africa and examined the ecosystem conditions of Lake Nakuru National Park.✅ We identified the real and critical needs of the ecosystem.✅ We held meetings with those responsible for protecting the environment and examined the real and important needs of the ecosystem. ✅
  • 08.2022 Support contract ✅
    We have reached an agreement with NGO Baboon Project to support them and solve the ecosystem problems of Nakuru National Park with their cooperation. ✅ A practical proposal was prepared to solve the problems. ✅ A cooperation agreement was signed between us on behalf of NewVerse and NGO Baboon Project. Initial costs were paid to start the projects. ✅
  • 09.2022 Minting the collection of works of art ✅
    We mint the collection of artworks on the Polygon network so that the transfer costs are economical for the holders. ✅
  • 01.2023 Completion of the drought relief project ✅
    We will complete the project of water supply to Nakuru to get out of the drought conditions. Natural clean water will be available to all animals in the entire Nakuru National Park. ✅
  • 02.2023 Completion of the water pond cleaning project ✅
    The water catchment ponds have been completely cleaned up to this date and you have given clean and healthy water to the animals of the area.✅
  • 03.2023 Africa event for holders ✅
    We will organize a multi-day scientific educational tour in Nakuru for the holders ✅ In this tour, the holders get to know the land that they have shown their love for. ✅ The community can see the result of their social cooperation. ✅ The community gets to know each other. ✅ In this tour, a scientific event will be held with the presence of experts and members of NGOs and officials of the national park, which only the community of holders can attend. ✅ The community will have a full day safari in the park to meet all the animals of the ecosystem up close in the wild. ✅ The community will have night programs and parties in this tour. ✅
  • 06.2023 Starting a project to remove dangerous plants ✅
    We will start the project of removing dangerous plants in the pastures and provide the necessary force for this operation. ✅
  • 09.2023 Profit sharing with holders ✅
    At the end of the first year, we share 5% of the profits with members who have been holding our NFTs for at least one year. ✅
  • 11.2023 Start a seasonal fire prevention project ✅
    At the beginning of the season when the surrounding farmers burn their fields to fertilize the soil for the next year, we are starting a project to prevent the fire from advancing into the national park. ✅
  • 2024 Presentation of Savior Rhinos Token ⏯
    Token offering in private sale only to the community of holders. Holding ICO and public unveiling of the token. Token interest payments to holders who have held NFTs for more than a year. Giving tokens to give rewards and prizes in the Savior Rhinos Game. 🔜
  • Metaverse & Game
    We plan to be in the metaverse once we are confident of where we want to be based and what makes the most sense for our community. Attending NewVerse's metaverse to launch the Savior Rhinos game. Buying a large plot of land suitable for setting up an exclusive game of the collection. Players in this game can receive our tokens as a reward by playing. Already discussing potential partnerships. We want to make sure if we place a date on this, we can hit it.
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